Spain failed to participate in the 2020 European Cup, their current goal is the Olympic gold medal

Tokyo Olympics football 2020

After the loss of the Euro 2020 final, English football players were racially discriminated against online, and five people have been arrested for it.

Real Madrid has resumed training. The same is true for Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. In any case, some of their players are-most of them are players you haven't really heard of. At the same time, on the east coast of Barcelona, ​​there are a lot of players you've heard of-more players than you would normally have heard of in a team like this-are training in Benidorm. In other words, they did not return to training because they never stopped training. They have already taken a flight to Kobe, Japan. When they arrived at the airport, they met six other football players to join their journey. You will also have heard of them. You may have been following them for the past month; soon they reached the semi-finals of the European Cup. After a transfer from Kobe to Sapporo on July 21st, goalkeeper Unai Simon, defenders Eric Garcia and Paul Torres, midfielders Pedri and Danny Olmo, forward Mikel Oya Zabal and other members of the Spanish Olympic team will start their gold medals. This is an unknown challenge, but Luis de la Fuente (Luis de la Fuente), who is also Spain’s under-21 coach, has openly accepted Spain as a favorite in the 16-team men’s championship. Spain will be grouped with Egypt, Argentina and Australia. Looking at his side, this is not entirely surprising. In the Olympics, the football team is limited to U23, plus three overage players. In the case of Spain, this means-in addition to the six people facing Italy-Oscar Mingesa, Marc Cucurella, Martin Zubimendi, Marco Asensio, Mi Kerr Merino, Carlos Soler, Danny Ceballos, Brian Gil and Rafa Mill are among the players participating in the game. It has created a strong team, and it could have been better. De La Fuente admitted that this is the toughest team he has ever built. More importantly, this is the most difficult to accomplish. For example, Rodrigo Moreno, Ferran Torres and Fabian Ruiz are among the players he hopes to call. But in the end, Olmo was the only foreign player whose club (Leipzig RB) agreed to release him. Some Spanish clubs do not want to release their players, but they have no choice. Speaking of Pedri, the symbol of another club-country battle, Barcelona is not happy. They tried to push the Spanish Football Association to exclude him, but they would not back down. In other words, they will seek to protect him. A player who only missed one minute in the European Cup-yes, one minute-and ran more than anyone else in the game will miss more in the Olympics. Last season, Pedri played more than 60 games. From the away game against Real Oviedo on July 8, 2020 to the game against Italy at Wembley on July 7, 2021, he has played 70 games. Without a break-just last week-the cycle never ends. Most of them don't have much rest time. Spain was eliminated from the U21 European Championship by Portugal in the semi-finals on June 3. Three days later, they hurriedly gathered in Las Rozas to replace Spain’s official European Championship lineup, who was locked out because Sergio Busquets tested positive. COVID-19 on the eve of the game. Just like the league teams on Sunday, the federation staff frantically called football players all night to gather a team. Some of them were already on vacation and had to return to Madrid quickly. The gang got back together in "record time," Dela Fuente said. On the night when 16 players made their official appearance for Spain, the U21 team defeated Lithuania 4-0 on June 8 to win what should be the last warm-up match of the senior team. They then stayed at the Las Rozas headquarters in Spain-along with six senior players selected as emergency players-and worked as a parallel reserve team in case the European team broke out. Finally, the morning before Spain against Sweden, they were gratefully fired and handed over the guard of honor when they left. Seven players from the U21 team are in the Olympic team. Soler is the same, he is one of the people selected for the "parallel euro" lineup. Then there are six people going to the European Cup. In total, 14 players did not stop, or at least did not stop the way they should. The reason they plan to fly around July 11th is to allow the players to Euros have the opportunity to travel with them. The departure was postponed to consider a potential final at Wembley-the six players' desire to "doubles" not only participate in two games but also win two games. "We really don't have time to think about what's going on," Dela Fuente said. However, an idea emerged again: this is a very, very strong team. On paper, no other team can really compete with them, although as Osasuna midfielder Jon Moncayola insists: "We are one of the most popular teams, but we must See how we adapt to temperature and humidity." In the context of the growing coronavirus crisis in Japan, they will also play behind closed doors. There will be no spectators in any sport, which undermines the unique sense of community brought about by the Olympics: In 2012, the Spanish football team asked for a chance to be in the village. Instead of being isolated in a hotel. The situation may be different, but the opportunity still exists. "This may be historic," de la Fuente said. It may also become the cornerstone of certain things-such as the World Cup in Qatar in November 2022. The fact that as many as six players from the Euro 2020 team will go to the Olympics shows how good this team should be; it also shows how good the senior national team can be. The game held in Japan has once again seen a new generation of people who hope to bring Spain back to where they belonged not long ago. This is the hope they have rightly persisted after being eliminated to Italy. There is optimism in disappointment and a sense of accomplishment after entering the semi-finals. I believe this may be just the beginning. That night at Wembley, Luis Enrique hinted that Spain's nine-year journey through the desert was finally over; he said, he chose to "come back." Now some of them are heading to Saitama to build the future and seek gold.